Driven mainly by connectivity, globalization, digitization, and new methods of collaboration, important core structures and methods of the industrial economy are speedily and dramatically reforming. While change is nothing new, the speed, scale, and impact of a variety of fundamental shifts in globalization, technology, and societal expectations—are undeniably transforming the business landscape today. Traditional limitations within business are clouding and dissolving, and the new mantra of “anything is possible” is intensifying, enabling new approaches to business challenges. As a result, organizations are increasingly looking at different methods to create sustainable competitive advantage for their organizations. To operate in a global environment and to achieve growth locally, it will be important to raise the level of professional and leadership competencies. If we are to embrace such concepts as "world class" and “business excellence” we must lift the skill and experience base of the management and employees. This will enable us to build flexibility into the workforce in order to be able to cope with the rate and degree of change.

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